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Success Stories

Success Stories

RAWWD has been able to reach out to a cross section of people to enable them to lead a normal life without any dependency on their family members

C. Bharathi:

C. Bharathi about 31 years hails from Andhra Pradesh and belongs to a family of traditional farmers, she was diagnosed with post-polio residual paralysis in both of her legs. Due to lack of awareness of rehabilitation appliances she wasn’t treated in timely manner. Bharathi used a simple wooden stick to walk around and due to insufficient support of appliances, she had a scissoring gait or crossed gait.

Bharathi was later referred to RAWWD for rehabilitation wherein she fitted with appropriate appliances and was counselled to undertake our Lower Limb Orthotics (LLO) an 18 month course and join RAWWD as a staff member. Now she is an independent member of community and leading a fulfilled life.

RAWWD Success Stories

Bharathi with a stick to support
her walking

RAWWD Success Stories

Bharathi walking with elbow

RAWWD Success Stories

Bharathi at RAWWD training


Venilla is about 5 years and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy with diaplegia. Due to this she was unable to stand or walk. Her family due to financial constraints was unable to provide her with the required appliance that would enable her to walk.

The family was referred to RAWWD for further treatment. RAWWD fabricated PP KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) to enable her to walk.

RAWWD Success Stories
RAWWD Success Stories

Noorjan, Senior Orthotic Technician-RAWWD:

Born in a conservative Muslim family with 8 siblings, Noorjan’s growing up years were spent in isolation due to her diability. She was later enrolled into a local urdu school at the age of 11 and could only study up to class 8 as she had to enroll into a different school if she wanted to continue her education. This was not feasible due to her physical constraints in travelling long distances.

RAWWD Success Stories

A chance meeting with 2 volunteers from Mobility India facilitated in Noorjan enrolling for a course and completing her training. She and her batch mates have been instrumental in setting up the Rehabilitation Aids Workshop by Women with Disabilities (RAWWD).

Life progressed and Noorjan is now earning a steady monthly income. She is married to Mubark Ali and the couple has a son Mohammed Asif born in 2002.

Appropriate interventions in the form of assistive devices, vocational training has brought about qualitative changes in the life of Noorjan. They have helped her earn a steady monthly income to support her, gain respect in her community and have her own family.

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